7 Reasons Why Beet Juice is Good For You

Beets: You either love them or hate them, right? I happen to love them, and anyone who knows me well knows I’m a huge fan of juice recipes with beets, and there’s a very good reason for that.

There’s something about beets that draws me to them. Probably it’s their deep sexy red color which they get from phytonutrients called betalains. Yeah, sure they taste like mud, but I don’t mind that at all. Am I weird?

In all honesty, beets were almost non-existent in my life before I started juicing. I didn’t care much about them.

But that changed when I was studying for my Juicing Diploma. I learned a lot about the health benefits of beet juice and as a person who works out 4 to 5 times a week, I was intrigued. I just had to try it out.

Ever since I made my first juice with beets, I was hooked. I have been using them more and more, and now, that’s my preferred way of taking them – In a glass, through a straw, juiced with other veggies and fruits.

One of the reasons I love juice recipes with beets is because they are perfect for giving you a boost of energy. They are the healthiest form of an energy drink without the caffeine and refined sugars. Beets also can enhance muscle power, stamina, and overall athletic performance. I find that beet juice is the most effective when taken a couple of hours before working out.

But, that’s not all beet juice can do.
Here is a list of 7 health benefits of juicing beets:

  • Beets contain nitrates, which are compounds that help the blood vessels to expand, improve blood circulation, and lower blood pressure.
  • Betalains in beets are antioxidants that can prevent cancer cells from forming.
  • Beets contain betaine that detoxifies the liver and improves its functionality.
  • Beets are a great source of iron, helping build red blood cells and be beneficial for people suffering from anemia.
  • Beets are rich in folate, which can help the skin look radiant by fighting off skin problems and wrinkles.
  • Beets can help fight off digestive problems and improve constipation.
  • Vitamin C in beets gives a boost to the immune system.

The bottom line – beets are awesome, and the benefits of juicing beets are pretty impressive. So if you love beets and are looking for ways to incorporate more of them in your day, check out my favorite beet juice recipe Mango Beet.

Beets also go great with carrots and pineapple.

So, let me know what you think about my juice recipe. And, if you prefer cooking beets, I’d love it if you could recommend a good recipe. I’m always happy to try something new.

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