Which is the Best Juice to Detox Your Body?

First, I would like to clarify something. A juice, a pill, a soup, a tea, or whatever ... does NOT detox your body. Your body detoxes itself.

Our bodies work in amazing ways, and it’s our liver’s job to act as a filter and detect toxins in our systems and stop them from entering our bloodstream. There are also the kidneys that are constantly filtering your blood and getting rid of toxins through your urine. And there is the colon that flushes out toxins before they can do us any harm.

However, our bodies can detox ONLY if these organs are healthy and well-nourished.

If the body is constantly given junk food, the organs responsible for detoxing will get strained from all the hard work and even fail over time.

So, there is no magical juice that detoxes your body. What juicing does, however, is give your body the tools it needs to be healthy enough to detox itself. It gives your body a boost of vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants to fight off free radicals that could slow the efficiency of our internal organs.

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1 year ago

I’ve enjoyed your juicing strategy alot it makes me feel healthier but I have diverticulitis and I want to know if you also know the best recipe for kefir. I’m desperate and can’t really afford to go to a gastro Dr.

1 year ago
Reply to  Diana

Hi Diana,

Sorry to hear about your diverticulitis, but I’m glad that juicing is making you feel healthier.

Diverticulitis can be caused by putting a lot of pressure on the intestines when trying to squeeze out hard stools. The straining can cause the outpouching to bulge out of the intestine and get inflamed over time.

This normally is a result of a diet low in fiber. In order to soften the stool and make it easier to pass, it’s important to eat a diet high in fiber and drink a lot of water.

Juicing is amazing and I have seen it improve the health of many people. However, juicing alone cannot help you with this problem. Juicing does not contain a lot of fiber, so you need to introduce more fiber-rich foods into your diet like whole fruits and vegetables, beans and legumes, and whole grains. And try to avoid foods that can be detrimental, like white bread and white pasta made from refined flour, highly processed foods, dairy, and meat.

I cannot help you with the kefir recipe. As a Plant-Based Holistic Nutritionist, I believe dairy causes a lot of health problems and I advise my clients to avoid it.

I wish you a speedy recovery, however, seek medical help if the problem persists.

Much Love
Tania x


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